Welcome Risi’s Creations

Who am I? I am completely scatterbrained, I am me! I have a million thoughts that want to process all at once, but never can get those thoughts out in a way another person can comprehend. I can’t control myself, most of the time. I tend to be outspoken but at times I like to sit back and watch. I like to observe others. I am an empath. I gain knowledge by watching and feeling others emotions. Your frustration becomes my frustration, your sadness becomes my sadness. I have a low tolerance for lying, drama, people who are fake and who take advantage of others. I can’t stand it. It dwells among us everywhere, which boils down to my impatience of stupidity and people. It bewilders me on how much incompetence there is in the world and how much lack of common sense there is. Trying to process such an issue, gives me migraines. Who am I? I try to be understanding, a helper and healer. Well, this was a piece of me! Read future posts if you want to hear more! This is me, accept it or not, this is still me!


Hello! I’d like to take a min and thank you for checking out my site! It is much appreciated. I am, however, relatively new and continuously making changes to improve. I’m very green on this idea and still learning my way! I have included a feedback area to help with any constructive, but yet notContinue reading “Welcome”